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Carl Palmer


Push play on any Emerson Lake and Palmer album and you’ll immediately understand why Carl Palmer was ranked in the Top 10 of Rolling Stone Magazine’s 100 Best Drummers of All Time.  He’s a technical monster whose precision, showmanship and musicality are unmistakable and inimitable.


Palmer’s childhood inspirations were Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich and he began playing drums at age 11. By age 14 he was a working professionally with his first big break coming at age 18 when he joined and toured extensively with the aptly named Crazy World of Arthur Brown.  Eventually, the group’s over-the-top and truly crazy showmanship led him to leave the band to co-found and enjoy success with Atomic Rooster. 


In 1970 he left the group to join with keyboardist for The Nice, Keith Emerson and King Crimson guitarist, Greg Lake to form the 3-piece “symphonic rock” super group Emerson Lake and Palmer. Some 40 million albums later, ELP has remained widely respected for both its exceptional musicianship and dynamic showmanship.


The early 80s saw Palmer achieving further success with the multi-platinum group Asia that continues to record and tour to this day. According to Carl, "I have the best of both worlds now. I have an active schedule with The Carl Palmer Band, and I continue to tour and record the original line up of ASIA. It is very satisfying and gratifying to know the fans are still out there and willing to support and enjoy the music I create. I hope to keep doing this for many more years to come."  

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