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Alan White


Alan White’s 43 years with Yes, playing on every album since 1972, would be resume enough for our readers to recognized him in the Classic Drummer Hall of Fame. However, Mr. White’s reputation had already been well established by the time he joined the group.


The sixties saw Mr. White becoming a fixture on the British music scene playing with The Downbeats, The Gamblers, Billy Fury, Alan Price, Bell and Arc, Terry Reid and more. His international reputation was established in 1969 through his work with John Lennon’s

Plastic Ono Band followed by the Imagine album and the hit “Instant Karma”. Lennon’s recommendation to George Harrison led to White’s performance on the All Things Must Pass album followed by membership in Ginger Baker’s Airforce with Steve Winwood and tours with Joe Cocker.


His early piano education prepared him to share composition duties on a variety of projects and occasionally contribute keyboards on recordings. Alan White’s formidable output includes appearances on more than 50 albums including work with Rick Wakeman, Billy Preston, Gary Wright, Donovan, Jimmy Paige, Denny Laine plus his own solo work. Today, he continues to be involved in a variety of musical projects working with groups that represent a remarkable array of styles and genres.

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