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Don Brewer


As a founding member of a group with 10 platinum albums, 12 gold albums and a generous selection of top ten and number one singles, Don Brewer’s playing credentials are formidable. With Grand Funk Railroad (later to be shortened to Grand Funk) Don’s high energy style and locked-in drive filled the musical space that was part and parcel of most sixties power trios including Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Oh, by the way, he sang too.


His impact and the significance of his music are perhaps best expressed in termspopularity. Imagine a group who, inspite of the proclamations of some tragically hip rock critics, could still break a record held by the The Beatles in their prime and sell out Shea Stadium in just 72 hours. You see, music lovers love Grand Funk, in fact musical innovators Todd Rundgren and Frank Zappa respected the group enough to produce Grand Funk albums. Don Brewer was there in the eye of the storm, laying it down live and making it happen in the studio, while also helping pen hit after hit.


Don continues to be a musical force to this day, and has recently toured with Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band.

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