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Dino Danelli


As the music of the British invasion dominated the airwaves in the early and mid sixties, a group from New Jersey known as The Young Rascals (later to become The Rascals) reminded teens everywhere that rock and roll was an American creation. With unmatched energy, spirit and soul this group mesmerized its audiences and at the center of this powerful musical force was drummer Dino Danelli. With his sticks twirling and girls screaming, Dino was and is a unique blend of technique, taste and showmanship.


With roots in Jazz and R&B, Danelli revealed in Max Wienberg’s “Big Beat” that he was a protégé of the great Gene Krupa, which could explain a lot. Having played with Lionel Hampton, Little Willie John and others, he was cofounder of the Young Rascals and went on to perform with Bull Dog, Leslie West, Fotomaker, Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul along with session work and more.


As a member of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with The Rascals, Danelli reformed with the group for a series of sold out reunion shows in 2012 that led to a run of Broadway appearances in Once Upon A Dream followed by international tours for that show.

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