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Floyd Sneed

Between 1969 and 1974 what band had the most Top 10 hits, sold the most records and the most concert tickets in America, anyone . . . anyone? The answer is perhaps the most popular rock group of that era, Three Dog Night.


Now, who provided the rhythmic foundation for the band’s eighteen consecutive top 20s, eleven top 10s, three number ones, seven million-selling singles and twelve straight gold LPs? The answer is Classic Drummer Hall of Fame inductee Floyd Sneed. With a style

Mr. Sneed refers to as L’African (Latin meets African) he helped create a sound that had sold some 50 million records worldwide by the mid 1970s.


Legend has it that Mr. Sneed was discovered when TDN bassist Joe Schermie thought he heard two drummers playing from outside a club only to discover upon entering that it was just one, Floyd Sneed. As the drummer on their most important work Floyd was

with Three Dog Night from 1968 to 1974 and again from 1981 to 1984. He has also worked with The Ohio Players, SS Fools, K.A.T.T., Tommy Chong, Same Dogs New Tricks and more.


Today, Floyd Sneed adds to his list of musical accomplishments his work as a visual artist with work that can be seen at gallery shows across North America and at

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