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Gregg Bissonette

What type of drummer is Gregg Bissonette?  He’s whatever type of drummer the music demands, from big band, blues, and rock, to Latin, fusion, and much more. In the 1980’s alone he smoothly transitioned from swinging Maynard Ferguson’s big band on a world tour and live recording; to becoming a member of Gino Vannelli’s group; to joining Steve Vai and others in the studio to record a series of platinum albums and touring with David Lee Roth; to playing with The Buddy Rich Big Band; and those were just some of the highlights from the 80s.


For Gregg, the 90s included recording and touring with Joe Satriani, starting his own band, doing a European tour with Toto, and recording with Don Henley as a true drummer’s drummer.


He began the new century by playing with Carlos Santana on the multi-Grammy winning CD Supernatural, then followed that up a year later with an ELO tour, then released two albums with Bissonnette a band he formed with his brother Matt.


As the 2000s continue he tours regularly with Mr. Starr in Ringo’s All-Starrs, once again the drummer’s drummer.  His very full 21st century calendar has included work with Spinal Tap, Randy Jacobs, Grand Illusion, Ralf Jung, Foo Fighters, Mark Nilan Jr., Jet Velvet and The Doobie Brothers.  Plus, he has produced a definitive instructional DVD, Musical Drumming in Different Styles and performed on dozens of television and motion picture soundtracks. His perfect balance of professionalism, work ethic, and congeniality make him a respected name in the music industry.

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