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Billy Cobham


“Cobham has fashioned a unique style that combines the brain-melting power of hard-rock rhythm keepers with the agility of jazz men: imagine Led Zeppelin's John Bonham, the Who's Keith Moon and Elvin Jones all rolled into a singularly gifted musician.”  That’s how reviewer Nicky Baxter described Classic Drummer Hall of Fame inductee Billy Cobham and our readers agree.


As one of the founding fathers of jazz-fusion, his prolific career includes work with a who’s who of artists. He has released 40 albums recorded by Billy Cobham led groups and has appeared on scores of recordings for fellow artists: from Miles Davis to Mahavishnu Orchestra (of which he is a founding member), Stanley Turrentine, the Brecker Brothers, Larry Carlton, Stanley Clarke and even rock legends Carlos Santana and Cream’s Jack Bruce.


Cobham is a patron and visiting artist of top London drum college Drumtech and teaches drums online at the Billy Cobham School of Drums, as part of the ArtistWorks Drum Academy.  Today Billy Cobham continues to actively perform, record and influence untold numbers of drummers around the world.

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