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Jim Bonfanti


Jim Bonfanti, co-founder, drummer and vocalist for legendary classicrock band Raspberrie has been playing professionally since the mid 1960’s.  


With theBeatles’ Ed Sullivan appearance as his inspiration, Jim Bonfanti began his musical career in the mid-1960s with The Mods, who would soon become The Choir, scoring with the ‘67 garage band classic hit “It’s Cold Outside”.  By 1970, Mr. Bonfanti and Eric Carmen had formed Raspberries with Choir alumni Wally Bryson and Dave Smalley.


Raspberries would become a million-selling group with the top-5 classic “Go All The Way”, the top-10 “I Wanna Be With You, the top-20 “Let’s Pretend” and the highly influential AOR tracks “Ecstasy” and “Tonight”, which all feature Jim’s signature beats and fills.


The original line-up reunited in 2004 for a run of sold out concerts that led Fox News music critic Roger Friedman to state: “…drummer Jim Bonfanti, the center of their power...he should be playing with The Who or The Rolling Stones on tour. He’s phenomenal.”  This group’s impact and popularity has led to remarkable fan loyalty and respect for Jim Bonfanti’s playing as evidenced by his support in this Hall of Fame voting process.


His work was further honored this past year when “Go All The Way” was included on the platinum selling “Guardians of the Galaxy”

sound track.

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