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Nigel Olsson


Beginning his musical career as a guitarist and converting to drums by filling in for a no-show drummer, Nigel Olsson was to lay it down on some of the most popular music of a generation. It all began in 1969 when he began working with one Reginald Dwight. Who could predict that Mr. Dwight would become Elton John and that Nigel Olsson would work with him from 1969 to 1975 and from 1984 to the present?


With so much great playing on so many timeless Elton John songs, Nigel’s place in music history is secure and his popularity is remarkable. In addition to playing and singing on more than his share of John’s 300 million albums sold, Nigel’s solo career has yielded 7 albums and 2 Top 40 hits. Throughout his career he’s worked with a variety of artists from Uriah Heep, to The Spencer Davis Group, to Kiki Dee and more.


Today he plays sold-out shows around the world with Elton John, delighting audiences with the music he helped create. With tour bookings as far as the eye can see, Nigel Olsson continues to build the musical legacy he began more than 45 years ago.

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