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Bun E Carlos


Bun E. Carlos has always been very popular with the readers of this publication. He’s appeared in multiple issues, not only for his impressive music career as drummer for Cheap Trick, but also due to his love for, and knowledge of vintage drums. In the same way Richard Starkey assumed his Ringo Starr persona, Brad Carlson became known to his fans as Bun E. Carlos. He, also like Starr, is a lefty who’s ended up playing a right-handed kit.


With the Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame-nominated CHEAP TRICK he has played some 5000 live performances and appeared on records with sales of 20 million copies including 40 gold and platinum recording awards, and 29 movie sound tracks.


Recent projects and groups include Tinted Windows with personnel from Hanson, Smashing Pumpkins and Fountains of Wayne; plus the group Candy Golde with featured artists from Wilco, The Autumn Defense, Eleventh Dream Day and The Coctails. While not currently touring or recording with Cheap Trick, Bun E. Carlos continues as a member of the group after more than 40 years.


Today you might find Bun E. working on one of his many musical projects or you just might run into him as he peruses the drum selection at one of America’s regional vintage drum shows.

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Photo by Mike Hacala
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