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Stewart Copeland


Back in 1977, Stewart Copeland had a pretty good idea. He brought Gordon Sumner and Henry Padovani together and founded a little combo that would become known as The Police.  Of course in true front-man fashion, Gordon adopted his much cooler nickname, Sting. Soon, Andy Summers became the group’s guitarist and the rest is history.


As the percussive engine for this dynamic three-piece, Copeland became one of the most respected and emulated drummers of the era. His speed, creativity and energy created the signature feel of The Police. He wrote, arranged, collaborated, and drummed his butt off for nine years on half a dozen albums plus various collections to sell more than 50 million albums. The Police went out on top, disbanding in 1986, and Stewart continued composing, creating and performing.


Having won a Golden Globe nomination for his scoring of the soundtrack for the film Rumble Fish, he went on to score dozens of films, television shows and video games.  He formed subsequent bands, projects and collaborations with artists such as Stanley Clark, Deborah Holland, Peter Gabriel, Peter Rutherford, Tom Waits and more.


Since the massively successful 30th Anniversary Police reunion tour in 2007-8, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Stuart Copeland has remained busy, releasing The Stuart Copeland Anthology, writing and releasing his memoirs and continuing to compose, record and perform.      

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