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Mick Fleetwood

As a founding member and co-namesake of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood’s drumming is responsible for driving some of the most popular and commercially successful music of the past 50 years.


While known for his prolific output of popular rock music that began in the mid 1970’s, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Mick Fleetwood’s roots are those of a British rocker and blues player who emerged from a mix of influences and band mates as diverse as Rod Stewart and John Mayall.


His solidstraight-ahead style has propelled Fleetwood Mac’s music to worldwide album sales of more than 100 million copies. The group enjoyed initial success in the late 1960’s with a number one album in the UK and mega-success between 1975 and 1987 with four USA number ones and four UK number ones.


As this is being written, Fleetwood Mac is enjoying another major resurgence in popularity and has embarked

on a successful major tour almost 50 years after the group’s inception.

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